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Climatek Network s.r.o.

Climatek Network s.r.o is the official distributor of climate equipment in the European Union. Our company supplies and sells equipment of TM HOAPP and TCL in Europe. The model range of these brands includes a wide range of climate equipment - from split systems to industrial systems, including heatpumps.

  • Many years’ experience
  • Professional team
  • Financial stability and reliability
  • Optimal stock of equipment and spare parts
  • Technical support – consultations
  • Marketing support
  • Warranty support

About company

The company’s head office and warehouses are located in the territory of the Czech Republic in Prague.

Employees of Climatek Network s.r.o. have 20 years of experience with climate equipment in Eastern Europe. Our professional team provides the excellent and well-coordinated work of all departments of the company. This means that you can always get a prompt response and advice when you contact us.

The main principles of our company are honesty, customer focus, efficiency, reliability, responsibility and trust.

Our team is:

  • 20 years of experience in Eastern Europe
  •  high quality of supplied equipment
  • well-known brands
  • on-time delivery of equipment and spare parts
  •  highly qualified staff
  • well-coordinated work of all departments of the company
  • providing the optimal technical solutions
  • compliance with the highest standards of quality


Climatek network s.r.o.  provides a 3-year warranty.

Warranty is provided on the conditions of compliance with the installation and operation.


Residential air conditioners and split systems should be used only in household areas. When installing split systems at commercial properties (hotels, factories, shops, restaurants), the warranty period is 1 year.


The warranty card must be filled out correctly with all the required information.


Installation of air conditioners must be carried out by professional certified specialists.


Regular maintenance of equipment should be carried out - at least once every 6 months. Maintenance must be carried out by certified specialists.


Climatek Network s.r.o. represents the leading manufacturers of climate equipment in the European market. Our supplier partners are the largest manufacturers with many years of experience in the field of climate technology. These companies are leaders in the development of innovative technologies, with a huge number of production facilities and research laboratories, as well as powerful financial resources.

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